Joule Love It, part 2


I just had to stop by and once again profess my love and allegiance to my sous vide, Joule.  Tonight, I cooked chicken breasts.  Actually, last night, I threw them in a bag with some salt, pepper and a couple of lemon slices, sous vide them for about an hour and refrigerated the breasts over night.  Tonight I browned said breasts in a cast iron skillet, about 6 minutes per side, squeezed some lemon juice and olive oil on them and here I am post dinner–blogging with a belly full of salad made of chicken, pine nuts and avocados and some goat milk feta cheese we procured from our recent visit to Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy.

I was so excited that after years of overcooked dry chicken breasts–so much so that I now only cook thighs–I had to come here and share my excitement.  Over moist, juicy chicken breasts.

JPEG image-753F0306EE56-1

Last night, we sous vide some pork chops and again, my Joule did not disappoint.  We had just returned from vacation and there was nothing in the freezer I was interested in except for some pork chops I’d frozen weeks ago and seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary.  Into the Joule they went and the result was a perfectly moist, cooked pork chop.  Again, so much excitement after years of dry, inedible pork chops–I gotta go lie down.


JPEG image-1D54F8DE9548-1


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