Sous vide or not sous vide: That is the Question


Sous vide is:
A.  An appliance you don’t think you need
B.  A word you can’t pronounce
C.  French for ‘boil in a bag’
D.  All of the above

My friend Rose introduced me to the sous vide, pronounced soo-veed, and as I suspected, it’s essentially a snooty way of saying ‘boil in a bag’. Said sample came with a pork chop she made using the sous vide method and I was hooked. Rose’s pork chops were perfectly cooked, tender and juicy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cooked pork chops that were beautifully brown and done on the outside but raw, leathery and tasteless on the inside. (A Kardashian analogy leaps to mind.)

There are a couple out in the market but the sous vide I decided on is the Joule because Rose once said, “Joule love it. Joule be pleased by how good your food turns out.”  I totally made that up.  That never happened because Rose is far too awesome to use silly puns.

The best thing about Joule is how fool proof and reliable it is.  I have cooked at least a dozen or so ribeyes this way and they have turned out perfectly each and every time. I have also cooked chicken thighs and results, same.  The only thing I’m not crazy about is how there is no status indicator on the Joule itself, you need to look at your mobile device to check your food’s progress.  But that small inconvenience is a first world problem that you can overlook.

No detailed recipes here because Joule is probably smarter than you and me. All I do is tell Joule how thick the ribeye is, whether it’s frozen or thawed and how done I want that steak. Joule does the rest.

  • Marinate your ribeye
  • Place in a vacuum sealed bag or gallon resealable Glad bags
  • Immerse your vacuum sealed bag in a container tall enough to fully submerge your bag.
  • If you’re using resealable bags, clip it to the side of your container to make sure no water seeps in
  • Program your Joule and sous vide to desired doneness.
  • Brown steak in a cast iron skillet or pan to give it that seared and crispy outside
  • Enjoy your perfectly cooked, tender steak.





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