I had some leftover kalua pork for a luau themed party–a lot of kalua pork, actually–and I’m looking for and/or making recipes that have kalua pork in them without necessitating the use of barbecue sauce.

Day 1: Kalua Pork Ramen

We procured some Sun Ramen noodles, allegedly the same kind used by David Chang of Momofuku fame. Found this at nearby Nijiya Market for about $5 per pack with 2 servings of sauce packets and noodles. The recipe calls for 1 cup of water to be used with each serving of packet and noodle. But I found the ramen too salty and the noodles absorbed all the water so the whole concoction was a little dry. Today, I used 3 cups of water and the flavor was perfect and there was just the right amount of broth to noodle ratio.

I can’t wait for winter. This is the perfect comfort food.


Sun Ramen is available at Nijiya Market (various locations) and Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley.