Harley Goat Farm and Swanton Berry Farms


Let’s just get right to it. Mother’s day should be a national holiday. There, I got it out of my system.

My boys treated me to a beautiful day at Pescadero Farms, which by the way, is a great daytrip destination.  This sleepy coastside community is home to my new favorite, Harley Goat Farms and just 15 miles south, Swanton Berry Farms.  Red Tricycle, this cool website that basically curates fun and entertaining activities for parents and kids alike, gave us this idea to do lunch and a tour of Harley Goat Farms.  We feasted on pulled pork sandwiches, lavender lemonade, locally baked sourdough breads and of course goat cheeses.


This guy didn’t even buy Pru dinner


My favorite picture of the day


Lunch is served at the nearby ollalieberry farms, across the road from Harley Goat Farms


Swanton Berry Farms–JJ was heard saying “That’s my jam!” as we drove up


These two are just pure joy


This honor till just restores your faith in humanity. Seriously, don’t steal from them. Otherwise your little black heart will shrivel up and die.


Just go visit Harley Farms already