I’m intrigued by food truck food and restaurant food, really any  food that doesn’t originate from my kitchen.  So I try to recreate it at home.  I do lots of research–if you count Pinterest and Google–then yes, I do lots of research.

IMG_3390IMG_3391The waffle dog, a giant culinary mistake: fatty,delicious and wrong on so many levels

I improvise a lot when I cook, sometimes because I’ve forgotten key ingredients and needed to substitute what I have on hand, or I hate waste and so I use up leftovers instead of throwing them out.  What?  Don’t judge.

img_0633I had 4 lbs of kalua pork leftover from a luau I threw the night before.  That kalua pork found its way into hash, nachos, spaghetti sauce and my latest creation, ramen.  Pru has threatened to leave me if I put kalua pork in one more dish.

I have an awesome 5-year old who started kinder this year.  Suffice it to say, there are some pain points.  His boundless energy is enough to power a thousand suns, his personality rivals that of a mayoral candidate seeking office for the first time–idealistic, outgoing, likes everyone, wants to save the world.  It is only week 2 and we’ve already had a parent-teacher conference.  I am anticipating more parent-teacher conferences.


Oyvey, the inmate has taken over the asylum

Fortunately, I’m married to a guy who is really the better part of me, the more evolved me. This guy is a database geek, programs Excel macros by day and plays a mean saxophone and piano by night; he has just taken up the stand up bass.  He is unnerved by parent-teacher conferences and instead chooses to plan field trips to our new favorite week-end destination, Lakeshore Learning Store and is hard at work on setting up a structured reward system that integrates learning, consistency and fun.  After 15 years, he still manages to awe and amaze me with his incredible ability to remain calm and centered while resisting the urge to introduce me as “My wife, the handful.”

        IMG_5110           IMG_5627     IMG_0077







These boys keep me sane and grounded, along with my love for cooking, all things food and travel.  And while I try and sometimes fail miserably to achieve work-life balance they have been my saving grace.  I envision these boys during my commute home, giggling, rough housing and finding each other’s tickle spots and I am instantly calmed.

IMG_3472First stop always when landing on Maui.  Inhale food, happiness ensues.


 This child is inexplicably obsessed with Giada DeLaurentis.  Well, perhaps, not so inexplicably.
10497112_10152131058161401_6338137915444883063_oI cashed in some of my 401K to take a trip to Disneyworld.  My projected retirement age is now 87.  I’m kidding but artificial, contrived entertainment costs A LOT. 
IMG_1391I read once that collecting is nothing more than focused, organized hoarding.  I.  Covet.  Le Creuset.

This blog is about cooking epiphanies, parenting foibles and adventures ranging from the mundane to the less mundane. You’ll see a glimpse into a life of a mom who dabbles in stogies and tropical cocktails, reinvents food truck fare and restaurant recipes with occasional humor and snark.

Watch your step.



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