Exercise and Greek Yogurt (that isn’t 8$ a bowl)


March has been a month of epiphanies about exercise and yogurt.

First, I used to have the wrong idea about exercise. It used to be all about vanity. The lat pull downs were to keep my arm fat from swaying in the wind. I once joked that I can put babies and small children to sleep if I just swung them from the fat folds of my arms. Actually, that isn’t really so much of a joke as it is an observation. Long stretches on the elliptical that rendered me a panting asthmatic were to keep the belly fat in check–belly fat that if I hunched over just right made my torso look like the rice terraces of Bali, with its layers and layers of billowing belly richness.

Here we are, in my 40s and I’ve had a paradigm shift on exercise. Now, it’s 11 miles of sweating and thighs burning and handling the stationary bike and elliptical as if we were settling a decades old score. I’ve stopped weighing myself but my clothes feel better. Yes, my arm fat still sways long after I’ve waved goodbye. But my legs feel stronger and my posture straighter.

I’m walking away a winner.

My 2nd epiphany is about the Jougert Bar in Burlingame. The Jougert Bar had the nerve to charge me 8$ for something called The Black Diamond which is a concoction of Greek yogurt, blackberries, mint, dark chocolate, agave syrup and sea salt. I was decidedly underwhelmed. Though it was healthy and refreshing, this little bowl of yogurt with some fruit and stuff on top of it did not merit the price tag, though in the midst of Burlingame Avenue, I suppose it was apropos.

So in homage to my March epiphanies about health and wellness–both physical and financial–here’s my own ‘keeping my finances in the black diamond’.

A recipe hardly seems necessary so I won’t bother. But I do prefer Fage yogurt because it’s creamy and tangy without being too tart. Top it with your favorite fruits, and while sea salt seems weird to add to yogurt, it gives it a savory depth that’s unexpected yet refreshing to the palate. Fresh mint, agave syrup and dark chocolate round out this healthy dessert that doubles as a protein rich breakfast.