The God ‘Waffle’ Truth


It’s only July and I’m already thinking about Thanksgiving.  It’s my favorite holiday because it packs everything I love into one long week-end of family, food and shopping at ungodly hours.

And then last year, this happened:

rumbowlWe made up this game of shooting these really light balls that looked like wiffle balls into a small receptacle and then taking swigs of rum, chanting “Let’s get ready to rum-bowl!” everytime someone missed.

I rocked this game.  In my head.  In actuality I sucked really bad at it.

So the morning after, I needed some good hangover food and I came up with the waffle sandwich.  Truth be told, inventing the waffle sandwich is a little like Columbus finding America; I mean this isn’t really an invention as it is surfing Pinterest for ‘waffle iron uses’.

If this were art, and it is, I would call it ‘Leftovers Elevated.’

Mix one beaten egg with 2 cups of leftover stuffing.

Take the stuffing mixture and spread it in your waffle iron, making sure to fill in all the nooks and crannies to prevent holes in your waffle sandwich.  Don’t worry about overfilling the iron as this is not a liquid batter that will spill and overflow.


Every waffle iron has a signal to let you know when the waffle is done. As a general rule, a waffle is done when steam no longer escapes and you don’t feel resistance when trying to lift the top grid plate of the waffle iron.

Fold over cooked waffle and make a waffle sandwich of leftover slices of turkey or ham or both.  Serve with cranberry sauce and gravy on the side.




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