Rosemary’s (Dutch) Baby


The Dutch Baby is my Acchiles’ Heel.  I used to be able to make these puffy, beautiful clouds of breakfast goodness but recently they’ve begun to resemble rusty flat manholes.

IMG_1336This looks like the a volcano crater

IMG_1238This defies explanation

At least I got to enjoy some time with my son who enjoys my little experiments with his favorite breakfast

IMG_1328Admittedly, not the best parenting decision posing him in front of an open flame


But every now and again, magic happens and things work out.

perfect dutch babyI’ll have to re-experiment and try this again as this was taken a few months ago and I don’t remember how I got it to be this puffy and awesome.  It might have something to do with heating the pan before pouring the batter into it and putting the pan in the oven.  Serve this with powdered sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice.

These guys may have figure it out because they always do, but strangely, theirs is as ugly as mine.


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