Mommy! There’s no wi-five here!


I am not a camper.  Never have been.  I did spend the early part of my childhood in a third world country so one would think that I am equipped to handle the rugged outdoors.  I am not.  This past week-end was spent enjoying/tolerating/respecting the awesome that is Yosemite.  We camped for 3 days and 2 nights with limited access to a shower–and by limited I mean–we snuck into the public restroom/semi-private showers in the Wawona Hotel.  And so while you feast your eyes on this incredible sight


woke up to this view every morning

this magnificent find amidst funk, bug bites, sweat and dust was my saving grace.


All told I counted 22 mosquito bites, most of which ballooned to gargantuan hives; no pictures needed to convey the grotesque.

I walked so much that this happened


…ok so they were 18 years old but still…

Despite having been a buffet for the bugs, the trip was well worth it


Pro Yosemite tips:

  • Most reserved campsites are booked 6 months in advance.  Plan ahead.
  • The Wawona Village campsite is pretty awesome.  Bathrooms were pristine and smelled pine fresh.
  • We stayed at spots 90 and 91–steps away from the bathroom, plenty of shade.
  • Park rangers are extremely friendly and accommodating so don’t piss them off by not heeding the bear box laws.
  • Early summer temps: 80s-90s during the day, mid 40s at night.  You’re at 4,000 feet–do the math
  • Don’t miss the Mariposa Grove: tour by tram or do the 4 or 6-mile hike.  We opted for audio guided tram.
  • Have music playing as you drive into the valley.  That majestic view of Bridal Veil and Half Dome deserves a soundtrack.  We chose John Williams and the Boston Pops.  Some choose Enya.  Be creative.
  • Lunch at Wawona Hotel will run you about $25-$30.  For more budgetary options, try the Golf Club with hot dogs, nachos or hamburgers at less than $10

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