Behold…the Sushirrito


I had my first sushirrito last summer while shopping with my Mom.  We were looking at Louis Vuitton bags that I had no intention of buying, but I am a mom pleaser and so I tolerated hours of watching her pose with various LV purses with price tags that rivaled the GNP of some small African countries.         


To compensate for this painful experience, we decided to eat at my favorite lunch spot in San Francisco, Sushirrito.  A sushirrito you ask?  It’s a marriage between my two favorite foods on earth: sushi and burritos.  It’s like Ken Watanabe hooking up with Salma Hayek, or dipping into a sauce made of  wasabi and Cholula or dropping a sake bomb into a frosty mug of Corona.  It’s fresh ahi tuna, tempura shrimp and thinly sliced cucumbers on a thin bed of rice and wrapped inside nori and shaped like a medium sized burrito but a giant sushi roll. Sushirritos’ prices range from $8-10 and worth it as they are jam packed with fillings such as the aforementioned tempura shrimp and ahi tuna along with microgreens, vegetables and my personal favorite, pork belly.  Inspired, I decided to try my hand at making this at home. sushirrito I don’t have enough Korean food expertise to make kim chee, much less kim chee fried rice so I found TJ’s version and used that instead–good choice as it was cheap and tasty.  I also opted for soy paper as opposed to nori which the sushirrito is traditionally wrapped in, as it is less chewy and has more give when you bite into it. 20140614-084835-31715101.jpg I loaded my sushirrito with thinly sliced cucumber, TJ’s kim chee fried rice, micro greens also procured from TJ, spicy Korean chicken and drizzled the whole concoction with sriracha aioli. 20140614-084835-31715677.jpg Keep the filling on the lower 3rd of your soy paper wrap and roll tightly away from you, using a sushi bamboo mat.  I found this part a little tricky, mostly because I tried to stuff my burrito like you would a duffle bag with found money. 20140614-084835-31715848.jpg And behold the sushirrito. 20140614-084836-31716016.jpg

And if you want to see how the pro’s do it:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.30.12 PM


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