Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich


Today was one of those days that was bad when it started and got worse as it progressed. I dropped off J at school so it was a good beginning.

“J, can I hold your hand?” I asked as we were walking from the car to the drop off point where the kids meet up with the teachers. “Or do you just want me to let go because you’re a big boy now?”

“No, I’m not that big yet Mommy. You can still hold my hand.”

My heart melted.

The day turned to pot after that with one setback after another–stuck in traffic, unproductive meetings, poorly hatched decisions, etc, etc. But when I take life and work too seriously, as I sometimes tend to do, I take a step back and write. I write about what I felt, I write about why that feeling and what created it. This is a good exercise because as my friend Jim likes to say, “Feel the feeling, don’t be the feeling.” This is not always an easy distinction for me especially when my instinct is to eat through my feelings as I imagine coming home, sitting in front of the TV and devouring a juicy bacon cheeseburger and salty chili fries. But I remember when I weighed 60 pounds heavier and all the feelings were stuck underneath all that food so I exercise restraint.

Today, however, was a day for ice cream sandwiches. Homemade ones with oatmeal and dried cranberry cookies and vanilla bean ice cream. There are days when being decadent is not only completely warranted, it’s necessary. And it’s OK so long as it’s one ice cream sandwich and not one per hour.

1 generous scoop vanilla bean ice cream
2 oatmeal dried cranberry cookies
1 T chopped peanuts

Scoop ice cream between the bottoms of 2 cookies. Roll sides on a plate of chopped peanuts. Freeze for about 30 minutes or until firm. Enjoy after aforementioned horrible day.




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