Friends and I decided to end the work week with Happy Hour at this upscale, fake Singaporean lounge/restaurant called Straits in Burlingame.  You may have heard of it? Skinny Eurasian girls in short white flowy dresses and legs that go ON serving drinks and rendering short, stubby girls like me speechless and a tiny bit jealous…Yeah, THAT Straits.  Anywhoo, I had to procure some shredded phyllo because I vowed never to feel that insecure about being 5’3″ and chubby again.  So I had to recreate this dessert we sampled, banana wrapped in shredded phyllo, if anything to not have to return to Straits and stand next to Leggy McCleavage.

One week-end, I did some research (Google) and found out that shredded phyllo was in fact called Kataifi and commonly used in Greek and Mediterranean desserts.  One of the reasons I love living in the Bay Area is the diversity in our communities, hence our food.  I found my magic ingredient at Crossroads World Market, this awesome ethnic market less than 7 miles from my house and stocked with jams, greek yogurts, a salad bar with a bounty of gold raisins, dates, dolmas and other beautiful and tasty Middle Eastern eats.

My fatty fat arse is in trouble.

imageAt $3/box for the kafaidi, and cheap for such an awesome find, I also got some Greek yogurt, puff pastry, almond cookies, dolmas and some Russian beer.   (Bet your thought bubble says, “No wonder’s she’s chubs!”)  There are aisles of fragrant teas, cookies, candies from parts I didn’t quite know because I don’t read ‘world’–they came from all over–and cheese and feta and wines and pita breads, lavash, jams and tahinis.image


imageAnd yes, we tried our hand at bananas wrapped in kataifi and it looked like this.

imageIt did not go well.  We had a great time though, perusing the aisles at Crossroads, buying up jams and candies, the ingredients of which were completely unknown to us so we basically didn’t know what we were eating.  And then breaking into uncontrollable fits of laughter when we finally fished out this sad mess of a banana that looked like a bald guy whose blonde toupee refused to stay on.

Go visit Crossroads.  Great market, with tons of variety and reasonable prices and friendly staff.  Pro tip: check out that fresh and insanely thick and rich Greek yogurt that you can turn into this




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