5$ creme brulee sparks outrage and this blog


I love food trucks.  I love me some good food.  But I’m over paying $9 for a burrito and $5 for a creme brulee served in a cup the size of a muffin.  I’m done.  I know.  I know.  Said creme brulee would go for twice that in a restaurant.  But guess what?  Calling it Off the Grid and making me eat my food while sitting in a parking lot of Scareamonte mall on hard plastic chairs that stagger at the weight of my considerable arse in the cold summer that is Daly City–I’m thinking $5 is a tad overpriced.

Enter: keepingiteel.com, a blog dedicated to recreating recipes one food truck at a time!  Or maybe one casual dining recipe at a time.  Or maybe I’m just jealous of all the food pics my Asian peeps post and I will google the menu and break down each of the elements of that recipe and figure it out here.

Meanwhile, enjoy a preview of the Vietnamese Eggroll…




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